Welcome to the Silent Woods

The Silent Woods are part of the saga of the haunted farm. The eerie quality of the woods both alluring and sinister. I think they represent the development of an oracle deck quite nicely. They "speak" in their silence in much the same way a good deck does. They cause one to pause and contemplate direction. The Journey Deck is a personal deck and as such its development is a personal endeavor. It is not really a venture to produce and publish a deck. Simply a way of celebrating a history that includes some quite unique and interesting aspects. I mean when you grow up on a haunted farm...there's just a whole lot of stuff that happens in life...and as a woman of "age" I think it is a wonderful way to pass down family history and leave a "mark" so to speak.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Woods are Calling

" The woods are calling today." Not sure what it means or even what I mean...but as I was mulling things over and getting ready to start the day...that phrase just sort of appeared out of no where...and I wanted to write it down before I forgot it. I'm short on time this morning but I'll come back and elaborate more later...

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