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The Silent Woods are part of the saga of the haunted farm. The eerie quality of the woods both alluring and sinister. I think they represent the development of an oracle deck quite nicely. They "speak" in their silence in much the same way a good deck does. They cause one to pause and contemplate direction. The Journey Deck is a personal deck and as such its development is a personal endeavor. It is not really a venture to produce and publish a deck. Simply a way of celebrating a history that includes some quite unique and interesting aspects. I mean when you grow up on a haunted farm...there's just a whole lot of stuff that happens in life...and as a woman of "age" I think it is a wonderful way to pass down family history and leave a "mark" so to speak.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Working on the Journey Deck

I've put this deck away for a couple months because I was getting some anxiety from trying to work out cards. The deck has quite a few VERY strong cards that I am completely satisfied with....the meanings are good, well developed and "feel" right. They read well in the readings I have done with the "draft deck".

Then there are some cards that seem too vague or just don't seem to fit. There's nothing really wrong with them but when ever they come up in a reading I cringe because I don't really feel connected to them nor do they seem to fit particularly well. These are mostly the cards that I "created" to fit the deck...when I had a good number of my experience cards defined I felt an urge to get a full deck so that I could start practice reading....so I added ones that made sense to me and a few represented some memory or idea from family history BUT not really a strong one. This I soon discovered was a mistake...which is why I am reworking and rethinking the deck....

Some cards like the ones I've written about....The Little Man in the Attic, The Little Woman, even the Hell Hounds....those are all strong and read well. So my goal for this week is to go back through the cards and the card list and pull ONLY those that are strong and seem to speak to me. The rest will be set aside and then I will continue SLOWLY this time to round out the deck with more meaningful selections....

After I do the card sort....I'll pop back in here later in the week and list the cards that are being kept as part of the deck....so you will be able to see the beginning of the Journey Deck....and get a glimpse of the weird family history and strange occurances...

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