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The Silent Woods are part of the saga of the haunted farm. The eerie quality of the woods both alluring and sinister. I think they represent the development of an oracle deck quite nicely. They "speak" in their silence in much the same way a good deck does. They cause one to pause and contemplate direction. The Journey Deck is a personal deck and as such its development is a personal endeavor. It is not really a venture to produce and publish a deck. Simply a way of celebrating a history that includes some quite unique and interesting aspects. I mean when you grow up on a haunted farm...there's just a whole lot of stuff that happens in life...and as a woman of "age" I think it is a wonderful way to pass down family history and leave a "mark" so to speak.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Update on the Cards

Back when I started picking cards or images or concepts to use in this deck, I had some very strong ones I knew for sure had to be included. Then I thought and thought and picked out some others....none of those were as strong or as meaningful as the first choices. So now months down the road I am revising the list...

First I took out all the filler cards that I had placed in the deck to sort of round it out. Images such as the fool, the moon, etc...ones that are in traditional decks....well...guess what...this is NOT a traditonal deck. They don't fit for me!

Second I went through and took out the images that were from history but perhaps not as strong or meaningful to me. I have left only one person card in the deck. The Grandma Annie card represents my mother. And while there are other important family members, such as Grandma Uptown...none of them resonanted with me as being part of this deck other than the woman who embodies the idea of this deck.

Third I added a few cards. The grasshopper card is a recent adventure but still seemed to fit in this deck. I also added the Ball of Fire, Knock on the Door, the Ouija Board, and the Stone (all from family history and with interesting stories attached to them.)

I still have a few blanks (I'm not rushing this time, these cards will "come to me")...I'd like to start the deck with 48 cards but am open to adding to the deck as time goes by...but the goal is to get the 48 in place and then add a card here or there if something seems to fit.

If you are interested in the list of cards...click on the The Cards link on the top bar here at The Silent Woods and you will be taken to the page with the list...scroll down a bit!

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