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The Silent Woods are part of the saga of the haunted farm. The eerie quality of the woods both alluring and sinister. I think they represent the development of an oracle deck quite nicely. They "speak" in their silence in much the same way a good deck does. They cause one to pause and contemplate direction. The Journey Deck is a personal deck and as such its development is a personal endeavor. It is not really a venture to produce and publish a deck. Simply a way of celebrating a history that includes some quite unique and interesting aspects. I mean when you grow up on a haunted farm...there's just a whole lot of stuff that happens in life...and as a woman of "age" I think it is a wonderful way to pass down family history and leave a "mark" so to speak.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

The Ghost Hunts

We just completed another ghost hunt last night and it seemed "uneventful." Oh there were a few "creepy things" like the rods pointing us towards by brother's grave and the tingling sensation and goose bumps while on the old bluff road. We talked about doing a day time hunt and looking for other places to explore the paranormal. We talked about the ghost lights, and past hunts and we laughed. It was chilly and we drank hot chocolate in the cemetery.

Then I woke up this morning and I thought for a moment about the "reason" for the hunts. And it came to me that as others search for childhood memories in cotton candy, parades, and holiday dinners, we search for them in the hunts. Everyone always wants to capture the feelings, the memories, the meaningful experiences from the past. To hold tight to them as a foundation or proof of who they are. A sort of memory family tree. Ours are just a little "unusual".
Most people laugh when I mention the farm, the woods, the strange encounters. Why shouldn't they? If you have never experienced such odd comings and goings than why would you even begin to have a knowledge base or a belief that such things might actually happen. When I hear people say they drank a bottle of wine that cost over 500 dollars, I laugh too. It's not in my mind's eye that such things happen!
Perhaps the ghost hunts are a search for meaning, a connection to the past, a validation of what we experienced, our heritage. Perhaps they are a hobby for a chilly night sandwiched between Halloween and the Day of the Dead. Perhaps they are a "path" we are supposed to walk for some reason. Perhaps they are a connection between the generations. Perhaps they are just a whim and we are lost in investigating things we cannot see. Does it matter?
Perhaps it is like the tunnel (some call it Satan's tunnel) a dark void that one must travel through to get to the light on the other side. Don't stay too long wandering around inside or you might just lose your way.
The Journey cards are a deck of cards that highlight many of these strange and "other worldly" experiences. They are a history of sorts. The Silent Woods is a blog to muse about it all. The ghost hunts simply deepen the meaning.

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